Grinder Haizlip is owned by Robert Nelson, Chris McDermott, and Brad Burford.  With over 75 years experience in construction and engineering, we can solve most any construction problem.

Robert Nelson graduated from Mississippi State University with BS Civil Engineering in 1999.  Robert came to Grinder Haizlip in 2003 after working at BE&K Engineering & Construction Company where he was project engineer team member for major equipment replacement at papermills.  He is a LEED Accredited Professional.

Chris McDermott, P.E. graduated from University of Oklahoma with BS Civil Engineering in 1982.  Previously employed as a Senior Project Manager with Black & Veatch Engineering and Senior Project Manager at FedEx, he came to Grinder Haizlip in 2000.  Chris is a professional engineer and LEED Accredited Professional.

Brad Burford graduated from University of Southern Mississippi with BS Construction Management in 1992.  Brad came to Grinder Haizlip right out of college.  His expertise is in Industrial and Plant Construction.